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free shipping this Week On all orders

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Our Customers

I really like these. Surprisingly I dont even notice I am wearing them (and everything bothers my feet)
Was comfortable all day and made my toe and bunion bump feel better in my shoes. I stand all day.
Not sure how they will help with any straightening as I just began wearing them. If you experience bunion pain or rubbing, completely recommend!

Kimberly S.

This is NOT a "fix-all" but it does make shoes a bit more comfortable. And they fit great with socks! I should have a pair of these every day to wear....I find that one pair, ends up getting washed (in a lingerie bag) and I will probably order more, now that I know how nicely they feel.

Jessica H.

These are amazing! I have a very bad bunion that I have to get operated on and can’t get it done until Oct. I love to walk but it’s hard with that painful bunion so I ordered the bunion covers and I’m so happy. Relieves the pain and I can walk longer. I will be ordering another pair soon.

Amanda W.

This really helped my husband a lot. He has Gout on his big toe. He could barely walk. This Bunion Protector has made a big difference. He can easily wear it while wearing his work boots and while sleeping. Thank you.

Becky J.